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Reliability professionals are only as good as the tools in their toolbox. The ITR hardware and software platform focuses on rapid, comprehensive data acquisition and processing for complex assets.

Many PdM processes struggle to achieve intended results because the underlying technology is not designed to support large programs with limited resources. The ITR platform addresses these concerns with a proven, 30+ year track record.

Portable Monitoring

Portable (or walk-around) condition monitoring remains the most prevalent method used by companies across industry. Advantages of portable monitoring include affordability and flexibility. Disadvantages include periodic instead of continuous data collection. Most safety concerns can be addressed through installation of dedicated sensors and acquisition points.

ITR provides portable vibration monitoring equipment specifically designed for high volume PdM programs in the harshest industrial environments. The ITR 713 Series data collection unit is a 5-channel, touchscreen, windows-based, ruggedized computer built on three decades of triaxial data acquisition technology.

Basic Dedicated Monitoring

"Basic" dedicated monitoring describes methods with limited or no analytics integrated into the monitoring solution. Examples include monitoring overall asset parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and peak or RMS vibration. Basic monitoring systems are ideally suited for simple (constant speed and load) systems or scalar parameters indicative of problematic failure modes. These types of systems should not be used where discrete data limits vary dramatically due to changing process conditions, as occurs with variable speed and load assets. ITR provides basic dedicated monitoring equipment and systems for many different types of industrial applications.

Smart Dedicated Monitoring

"Smart" monitoring is often described as (1) applying algorithms based on the interactivity of asset features or parameters and (2) learning over time using statistical methods or human intervention. Both are essential to effective condition monitoring of complex assets. The first ensures reliability professionals account for the complexity of varying asset operational conditions when developing rule-based monitoring. The second ensures pliability of the expert system to account for changes over an assets life cycle and ever-improving asset condition information that becomes available over time. The ITR smart online dedicated monitoring solutions specifically address these challenges.

Wireless Monitoring

Some asset and plant monitoring conditions dictate a wireless solution. The benefits typically include reduced cost, time to implement, and in some cases, improved safety. However, there are also trade-offs when working with high speed data acquisition of acoustic emissions like vibration and ultrasound. ITR wireless solutions find the right balance between these trade-offs, and ITR experts help companies find the right solution for each application.


ITR designs, develops, and provides applications for improving any organization’s PdM processes. These applications are provided as part of the ITR PdM partnership and are continually improved every day through worldwide use. The following are ITR PdM applications commonly used by our partners: