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830 WSN
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Permanent installations: 830 WSN

The ITR 830 WSN is a wireless, battery powered solution for tracking real time temperature and vibration on industrial equipment and providing early warnings for potential failure modes. The system is comprised of an Endpoint sensor assembly, a Coordinator, and a Repeater. All installations require at least one Endpoint and one Coordinator, but a broad wireless sensor network can be configured using Repeaters to encompass an entire industrial complex.

IP69k Endpoints are surface mounted onto a machined bore of a housing. Each Endpoint is identified by address and ID and can be configured using a smart phone. To save energy and extend battery life (approx. 1 year), measurement and transmissions are throttled when the temperature or vibration falls below a configurable threshold.

Endpoints communicate wirelessly directly (or via repeaters) to the Coordinator. The Coordinator manages all Endpoints and handles local and internet communications. Devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers on the same local network can view charts of temperature and vibration. In addition, the web interface of the Coordinator can be used to manage system settings as well as Exception Tests and Notifications. Exception notifications alert users to problems and contain information regarding trends and the individual sensors and assets associated with the exception. A single 4-20ma output is configurable to indicate exception severity levels. The Coordinator pushes data to ITR’s cloud server at for viewing by anyone connected to the Internet. Settings for the system are maintained and configured by users at

Some Applications:

  • Simple, constant load/speed assets
  • Inaccessible or unsafe measure locations
  • Continuous temperature monitoring correlated to component vibration
  • Bridge between walk-around and full smart continuous monitoring

Some Endpoint Features Include:

  • Wireless communication to repeater/base station
  • RF 2.4GHz, Zigbee protocols
  • Range: 400 Ft
  • Internal antenna
  • Addressable M.A.C. identification

Internal Temperature Sensor:

  • Measurement range: -40 to 85C
  • Sensitivity: 0.04 C
  • Adjustable threshold set point and sampling interval

Internal Single Axis or Triaxial Shear Accelerometer:

  • Bandwidth: ±25g, 50mV/g
  • Frequency Range: 0~4kHz
  • Resonant frequency: >30KHz
  • Measurement: RMS Acceleration, RMS Velocity, Time Waveform
  • Sensitivity: ± 0.01g RMS, ± 0.04g PK Spectrum
  • Built in 4KHz low-pass filter
  • Max Time waveform samples: 20,000
  • Adjustable threshold set point and sampling rate


  • -40 to 85C ambient temperature
  • IP 69k Seal