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810 DCN
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Permanent installations: 810 Series DCN

The 810 Series Dedicated Collection Node (DCN) is a configurable dedicated monitoring system designed to collect waveform or scalar data, provide optional signal conditioning, relay scalar data to process control systems, and provide for waveform data collection using portable, walk-around equipment. Appropriate applications include asset monitoring where overall parameter values, e.g. RMS vibration, temperature, or pressure, relate directly to a potential failure mode. Some examples of successful 810 DCN installations include predicting fan and rotor imbalance, worn saw blades, developing looseness or misalignment issues, and bearing temperature monitoring.

Some product features include:

  • Up to 36 channels data acquisition
  • Configurable for IEPE/ICP or current loop sensors with signal condition modules
  • BNC, 2-pin, or 4-pin military grade connectors for waveform data acquisition
  • Conditioned signal relays for pass-thru to control system PLC or HMI alarm
  • Designed for high moisture and dust environments and mild abuse/drops
  • 120VAC or 24VDC
  • Standard enclosure: 14” x 12” x 8” NEMA 4x