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For many organizations, vibration analysis is the cornerstone of their predictive maintenance (PdM) efforts and reliability process. Of all PdM technologies, vibration analysis often provides the greatest return on investment because it can be the most comprehensive and most precise. The technology is ideal for many electro-mechanical assets, especially ones experiencing varying operating conditions. Used infrequently, the technology effectively identifies actual and potential problems. When used routinely as part of a well-designed reliability process using PdM, vibration analysis predicts major asset problems up to one year in advance and provides many times the return on investment of a program using vibration analysis intermittently.

Proprietary technology developed iteratively over the past 30+ years enables ITR analysts to perform advanced analysis techniques that most other companies cannot or do not perform because they are too complex or time consuming. ITR is committed to ensuring it will always be the most capable variable load, variable speed analysis company in the world. By designing processes to handle the most complex analysis, ITR partners are ensured their PdM capabilities are the best possible.

Identifiable and actionable problems using vibration monitoring & analysis include:

  • Mechanical looseness, including clearance issues and soft foot
  • Early bearing faults and wear
  • Drive-train misalignment and/or coupling problems
  • Lubrication issues
  • Vane-pass or blade pass issues, cavitation
  • Mechanical rubbing or unwanted wear issues
  • Imbalance
  • Gear issues/wear
  • Belt problems
  • Electrical issues
  • Special studies involving low or high frequency energy emissions