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Studies by motor manufacturers indicate that 60% of electrical failures in motors begin as winding to winding shorts. Interturn shorts occur as insulation weakens and degrades due to temperature, voltage surges, mechanical damage during rewinding, motion, moisture and contamination. This degradation occurs in stages which may not be evident as a loss of motor performance.

ITR motor testing and analysis includes resistance checks, surge tests, winding comparisons, and hipot tests to assess the electrical condition of motors. The results of these static and dynamic tests help reliability professionals:

  • Avoid costly and unnecessary time-based motor rewindings, and
  • Identify potential motor issues prior to catastrophic failure.

Identifiable and actionable problems from electric motor testing include:

  • Motor winding insulation degradation
  • Wiring comparison issues, including imbalance
  • Wiring degradation and connection issues
  • Dirt and moisture issues