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The success factors for providing effective remote monitoring and analysis services differ greatly from traditional, onsite PdM services. ITR has been providing global remote diagnostics and prognostics since 1988. Over the years, we have learned what works, what does not, and what process controls are required to ensure reliability teams fulfill their objectives. This includes helping organizations implement dedicated online assets condition monitoring solutions underpinned by remote expert monitoring and analysis.

Regardless of hardware and software solution, a successful PdM process hinges on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Dedicated online monitoring systems alone do not solve this issue. ITR helps organizations implement processes where remote asset and analysis experts are responsible for system implementation, commissioning, analysis, and ongoing maintenance. Dedicated online monitoring and analysis extends to the entire asset life cycle, not just system installation and initial setup.

Some dedicated, online and remote monitoring and analysis considerations for complex assets and operations we can help with:

  • Identifying what to monitor and when
  • Eliminating false alarms
  • Making remote analysis even more effective than onsite analysis
  • Ensuring systems learn over time and evolve as the asset and process change
  • Establishing robust communication and information management processes to drive required and timely maintenance actions
  • Integrating humans, hardware, and software to best accomplish PdM objectives

Many dedicated online systems fail because of poor planning and lack of ownership. We help organizations protect their investments by avoiding common mistakes.

ITR Asset Monitoring Center (AMC)

The ITR AMC supports ITR’s worldwide install base of online monitoring systems and services. The Center is comprised of redundant and secure data centers continuously communicating with dedicated system installations around the world, cloud-based ITR services and applications, and an interconnected network of the world’s most experienced analysts.

We work closely with every customer to precisely understand their online monitoring and communication needs and ensure they are properly supported through the Center. The Center has been designed to withstand severe weather conditions and accommodate 24/7/365 emergency response to support critical worldwide operations.