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Often, the hardest part of any new project is getting started. Developing or improving a predictive maintenance process is no exception. ITR engineers are ready to help.

Step One
Understand the PdM process basics. As a starting point, we encourage all reliability professionals to research and understand as best as possible the basics of process management, risk analysis, predictive technologies, signal processing, asset analytics, and reliability management. Here is a brief overview of how to implement or improve PdM within your existing reliability and maintenance processes.

Step Two

Plan your technology partnership. ITR offers several options which minimizes your risk and allows you to lean on a partner performing PdM around the world every day. Sometimes procuring everything and going it alone make sense; in some cases, the best value solution is complete outsourcing. Many companies end up with a hybrid approach. It always starts with a plan.

Step Three

Contact potential partners, use their knowledge to improve your plans, evaluate solutions, and get started. ITR welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the difference between our process and others in the industry and discuss with you whether an ITR partnership makes sense.

Myth: “starting a PdM program requires a lot of upfront investment and takes many years to pay back.”

ITR offers $0 investment option where reliability engineers can implement an effective predictive maintenance process with measurable results, often within days. ITR provides the technology support with no obligations and the opportunity to perform predictive work and demonstrate the value of the work to top management.