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A True Partner Cares As Much As You Do

Partnership means ITR is as invested in the results of the PdM process as much as each Site. Specifically, ITR fees are based on actual work performed, and each PdM solution is customized to the needs of each particular organization.

Partnership also means flexible process management and ownership. Each key process and the overall PdM process may be owned by ITR or the Site. In many instances, Sites choose to perform data acquisition, while ITR manages scheduling, data analysis, and information management. Also, ITR maintains the technology platform to ensure state-of-the-art tools are available. Changes in personnel, continually evolving technologies, and variability in production processes mean Sites need a capable partner to ensure condition monitoring and predictive maintenance processes do not lose effectiveness over time.

Each PdM process is designed to accomplish agreed, measurable objectives.

ITR Managed: ITR manages all aspects of the PdM process from planning through data and information management. The Site manages internal information dissemination, preventive actions and corrective actions, with ITR's assistance as requested.

Jointly Managed: ITR or the Site is responsible for each key process with the PdM process. Often, some Sites manage scheduling and data acquisition while ITR manages analysis and reporting. Key process ownership may change over time, particularly as Sites develop additional competencies.

Site Managed: Site manages all aspects of the PdM process using the ITR technology platform. ITR manages hardware and software maintenance and updates to ensure the Site continues to use state-of-the-art technology.

The ITR Company is an independent PdM provider. ITR earns its fees solely on the value of information provided. ITR provides hardware and software technologies exclusively for its customers' PdM and reliability processes.

ITR’s promise to its partners:

  • No conflict of interest when making recommendations for preventive and corrective actions
  • Open data and information policy
  • Condition monitoring, asset analytics, and PdM are ITR’s core business
  • Full ownership and control of the technology platform
  • Complete alignment of customer-supplier objectives; ITR has no ulterior motives beyond helping each Site establish an effective and efficient PdM process standing the test of time
Most providers in the PdM industry cannot make these same promises.

Industrial Technology Research Company was started in the 1970’s by a team of research engineers with a better idea for collecting, processing, and analyzing waveform data. This basic principle continues to guide ITR today.

ITR partners benefit from ITR’s continued focus on ongoing research into new predictive technologies and the resultant development of new condition monitoring hardware and analysis software. Partnership means access to the latest condition monitoring technology platform.